Sorry for two posts this week. No more after this I had a day off today - with no one asking me where I was going and what I was doing = bliss. Off to the mall to check out a few things , which included these boots I've been eyeing . Cheapies from a Hudson Bay label, and reduced 30% during Bay Days, or whatever the heck it's called now. I'm pretty careful about lower end footwear, and they have to tick off ALL of the boxes to make it into my closet, and these did. Great construction and details, superb fit, comfort, and most of all - not cheap looking. Yes, call me a shoe snob. Anyways, it's funny how the eye takes some time to warm up to a look, and mine definitely did in this case. The slant-heel, pointed toe boot hadn't been "in vogue" for a few years and I was still wary of the heel earlier this year (it reminded me too much of the old Rag& Bone Pistols, which I got rid of a few years ago ) . But I'm full-on into it now, thanks to gryffin and her stunning new Frye boots (the real deal). S0 , feeling frisky and emboldened by scoring some great inexpensive trendy boots, off I went to Anthro to look for a "pretty " blouse of some sort. I had an idea in mind, which of course is the kiss of death for me (see Suz's interesting thread about workhorses and planned buying). But guess what I did get involved in ? JEANS. For anyone reading my comments over the past 3 months or so, finding trendier, interesting higher rise jeans that aren't premium priced has not been happening in my apparently backwater city. So - to further my theory that I find the best things when I'm not even looking - I tried on a couple of pair of Pilcro styles. (when I went to the Anthro website to do the find, I almost cried. The store here in Winnipeg had maybe 10 % of the styles shown on line ). Pilcro here isn't a bad price ($150 Can) and even though I'd rather have spent half of that, I threw down the plastic anyways. These are so great on ! Side zip and high-waisted with a nice amount of stretch and softness in the denim provides that nice girdling effect and make me feel about 10 lbs lighter than I am. I justified the price with the interesting details :pockets, seaming, etc. The button-fly Pilcro crop flares ( I think kkards bought them?) were great, but I think you need to be very flat stomached and thin to wear that look - it's a pretty vast expanse of denim covered belly to expose- plus buttons = a pain in the neck. The button bottom flares were gorgeous, but at minimum 6 inches too long. What is up with that? I am a very average height - 5'5", although maybe they expect someone my height to be wearing a size 0, which had a better length. The size 29's were so long, I'd lose most of the button/placket detail with hemming. My last stop - still on the hunt for a "pretty" top to wear with a blazer yielded these jeans - high waisted soft slims (really a nice relaxed skinny in a dark wash ). Cheap too They were from one of those horrible mall chain stores we have in Canada that are full of jersey printed tops and polyester pants. But once in awhile.....

Oh, and one last thought: if one believed in the tri-fold mirror in the Anthro fitting room area, one would never be seen in public again. Don't you want to make people look and feel good about themselves? Yikes, it was brutal.

Today's outfit for shopping: navy back zip pleated peplum blouse, old GAP skinnies, navy leather Michael Kors jacket ( 3 years old and finally fits perfectly = embarrassing) , plus Browns navy /gold bit loafer. Didn't like the jewellery = a bit 80's shiny, but it was an experiment .

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