The pandemic is I guess now endemic. I’ve been wearing like many athleisure the last few years. Lots of sweatpants, joggers, sweatshirts, and sneakers. And I’m tired of it.
I do like the jeans I got from American Eagle, and despite what I said above I really like the cargo joggers. Cue, but they’re jeans, the different!
And also in perimenopause, yay extra fun. One of my symptoms is running a lot warmer. I’m not wearing my nice sweaters as much
Things I would like, I think. A cotton striped sweater, black or navy on white or cream, oversized. Long size nice t-shirts or casual blouses. A light color light weight jacket.
I’m currently a size 18 ish, so pickings are slim out there
Shoes? There’s always shoes. Do I still look for something like the Prada monolith loafer (seen in Wednesday)? A different color of birkstenstock Boston mule (I have black)? Or something daintier like the slingbacks Angie recently posted
Also I want a larger cross body bag. One that can hold a large notebook, paperwork etc
I do need to be aware of cost & budget
There were some other thoughts, ideas, but at this point something is better than nothing
Anyone else having similar or adjacent issues