Classic and signature style. Fabulous then and now!

Worked then,works now.True style is beyond trends.

And it looks as fab as it did in 2014!

Love the current and the way back! So fun to see both versions.

Both outfits are fab. Your style is timeless. Keep posting WIW, please.

It still looks fabulous as it did before.
Great to 'see you' Suz

Suz, when you look fab, YLF.

That is all.

You had it then and you have it now. Well done. Love your hair!

Love the update. I actually bought those silver EF's two weeks ago myself- super comfy, but I'm still struggling with getting the outfit right. I thought they'd be easier to integrate into my wardrobe and wonder if maybe it's the colour. Mine are the "glittery" pewter.....

This outfit looks wonderful how you initially styled it & what you’re doing now. When something is so flattering and true to you, it’s never gonna look dated.

KILLER with the sporty sandals, Suz. Beautiful silver bookending.

Looks fabulous then and now! Like the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Honestly, this happens to me all the time I wouldn't describe my style as trendy, and I do love quality items, so when I stumble upon a look that i like, I will often wear it again years later. I think this looks great and current on you - now and in 2014!