It is time for some sneaker rejuvenation in my closet.

I have the following needs for sneakers:

1) Sports
2) Gym and or active socialising eg travel, walk to cafe
3) Work, social activities

My current collection is below in the finds - but I have just exited the Diadora black and white (worn out) and the Veja Venturi (first photo - purchased online and not very comfortable, I donated as they still had good life in them).

I have just added the Hoka Bondi (third photo) which I will wear for walking and some active socialising.

Both my other fashion sneakers are well worn and I expect them to not last past this year although I am babying them along and still wearing them (the two pairs of platforms). So I want to add in a replacement for the Diadora flat retro sneakers.

I am thinking of the the Rollie's in the second photo - I am quite keen on a gum sole as I do find white soles can get dirty very quickly on pavement, grass etc and my other two options (plus the grey closed two sandals) all have a white sole (which I am drawn to)

Ideas for me? (Whilst I like the Samba I think it might be a bit too hot/popular for me to add in). I prefer leather for this style rather than canvas.

I wear sneakers a lot - as so many of us do - so my main concern is longevity and comfort - and being stylish.

Thanks in advance - and hope this makes sense! (I rewrote this a bit as I realise it was a little garbled)

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