I ordered a slew of stuff at the start of the year; most of it has gone back. I'm still trying to figure out the best combo of shades and patterns for a mix and tonally match wardrobe.

The Asos pieces were non-returnable close-outs, but that's ok because the pants fit me now, at my non-preferred size, and I've made a couple good outfits with them, and the sweater is easy to wear over a T-neck with pants. Neither is the quality I'd like; this was my first-ever Asos purchase, and will probably be my last.

I'm still brewing ideas for the red bootcuts. Return deadline for them is early April.

The two patterned tops could work with some things, but I'm ambivalent about both of them, so guess they're going back. I want more pattern in my winter wardrobe, but don't like the feel of either of these. Bummer, because the stripey shirt goes well with the bootcuts, but I doubt I'd want to wear that fabric.