Okay, was just trying to be catchy.

I like this skirt from BR as it has a nice pencil fit, and I have a sugar eye for printed skirts. The citron color in the print is unusual for me, but the other colors, black, gray, olive, off-white, and tan--comprise a lot of tops in wardrobe (just about everything other than the berry colors) , so I have anywhere from 6-12 tops that work with it (depending on how cozy a knit is used, long or short sleeved tops, etc ) and several jackets. It can skew toward either black or nude/gray footwear and looks really good with black tights but will work with nude hose as well--that is a feature that helps make a skirt more versatile in my wardrobe. So it would be targeted as a 3-1/2 season skirt, using different colors and styles of tops and footwear and tights to read as spring, summer, or fall.

However, it was also featured with some sarcastic words in a photo of "unsold' merchandise in a piece about how badly BR was doing financially (which surprised me) . There was another skirt in the photo, too, so maybe that was the target!

I am trying to be aware of the warning signs of seasonal rejects or why certain merchandise is hanging around, but not be afraid to like what I like.

Do you see something off or weird about this skirt? I think it could read "bumblebee" to some, but I felt there was enough variety in the print colors and tones so it did not feel that way to me, and I won't be wearing it with citron or bright yellow.

I realize now maybe I could have linked this to Statement Skirt. I was not trying to make a big statement, but, it is not a shy neutral skirt.

Comments and observations welcome.