I vote signature, AND a form of "comfort food dressing" - which happens when we hunker down and life is somewhat stressful (especially in Winter). This is the next phase of your style journey Suz, and a meaningful one at that. This is a great place to be with your style and wardrobe. You have put soooo much into it - and reap the reward over and over again. WELL DONE. If it isn't broken - don't fix it. See it through and keep listening to your emotions.

It took about a year to fully get used to the new colour of your hair, and how it conflicted and complimented with your wardrobe. Now you know what feels best, and you can build onto it. Excellent assessment.

As for the "French 5" - FWIW, I see little point in an inflexible shopping plan. I dress people and wardrobe plan with them for a living, and in my experience, it's best to have a proactive shopping plan that shapes to your needs and emotions throughout the year because they change. By all means set diciplined goals, but keep them flexible.

I also see signature. Your color palette and mine are quite similar. Navy. Periwinkle. Gray. Some pattern. I inject more aqua (my "summer" color). But the wardrobe you describe and items you're showing definitely have a cohesiveness I would attribute to a signature. Especially if you enjoy these colors, look good in them, and want more!

I agree that it's Signature, not rut. You still wear and choose interesting pieces and seem to have your style figured out. Love those jcrew picks you posted! I also love navy and many blue colors. My own hair seems to be hanging onto golden tones and for some reason wearing anything lighter gray hasn't been feeling right so I'm sticking with deep charcoal. I'm in between "warm" and "cool" right now. I still can wear some deep olive greens esp. if they lean towards neutral. I can't really wear ruddy red toned colors. I think I feel a bit boxed in with what colors to wear at the moment. Even makeup colors seem to be more of a question right now. I wonder if you've changed your makeup colors or if they've stayed the same?

Tex, I absolutely understand what you mean about feeling unsure and boxed in with colours and somewhere between warm and cool -- that is where I was until my hair greyed -- and while I wore charcoal well, light grey was not great on me then. (It's one of my best tones now, providing I add a bit of contrast with white or navy for punch). I think you are naturally a bit warmer complected than I am, perhaps, so your mileage may vary on that.

On makeup, I've pretty much stayed the same. I don't wear foundation, so we're talking concealer, lipstick, blush, brows, mascara, with a swipe of blue or grey eye pencil -- and that's what I've always worn, since I was wearing makeup. I tend to wear nude-for-me berry tones on my lips, with the occasional darker berry.

AuthorLinda, I'd love to add some more teal, as it is one of my best colours. I'd also love to add more berries and reds, especially in winter. It may take some searching to find them.

LisaP, yes, I love the look of that shirt -- I hope it works. I had to order in petite because it was sold out in my usual size, but I sized up in petite to make up for it, and that's usually okay for me.

Angie, thank you -- and I hear you loud and clear on French Five. Actually, I'm aiming for a "Flexible French Five" which is actually aimed at ensuring I include non-essentials in my closet and may, paradoxically, result in more purchases than fewer (at least for a while).

As you know, my tendency is to go essential, essential, essential -- and I do in fact enjoy an essentials-heavy wardrobe -- but, and it's a big but -- I also enjoy, no, love my "wardrobe pets" of very high quality statement items like my Minkoff bag. My goal is actually to ensure that I buy around 5 statement or "special" items per season. Meanwhile, I can replace/ upgrade/ adjust my wardrobe essentials at will (and these will count as part of my overall budget, but not as part of my "five").

Does that make sense?

My essentials for early spring include

Cropped blue denim
Cropped white denim
Striped sweater
Button front shirt in blue and white
Knit tops in blue and white

YES. That makes perfect sense, Suz. Great strategy.

I have been in much the same boat. I have so much going on that I feel like I need to simplify, simplify, simply in order to not feel frazzled. I'm been focusing on not shopping as much and simplifying my wardrobe and have found that I'm happiest when I have a good amount of quality, well fitting and and comfortable neutrals. For me neutrals are black, gray, ink and a little white (and stripes!). With spring on the way (hopefully) I have been wondering if I'm still going to be happy with neutrals in summer. I think I will as long as I have the occasional punch of color. I think I need a variety of tops and maybe even pants in color but I'm think accessories might be even more important. I'm haven't totally decided what those accessories are going to be but I'm thinking shoes, bags, jewelry, a jacket, vest, cardigan?? We'll have to see what's out there.

I love your picks, AV! You look great in stripes and florals, and yes, stripes are a neutral.

Thanks, Angie -- glad that makes sense.

Any woman that could make this statement: My navy/ ink stuff is what I do not tire of. I always feel capable, confident, smart, professional, dramatic, and easy in ink/navy should be dancing in the streets. I know this is my wardrobe goal.

Your response to Angie re: Flexible French Five -- "Flexible French Five" which is actually aimed at ensuring I include non-essentials in my closet and may, paradoxically, result in more purchases than fewer (at least for a while) -- represents exactly my point of view, although I may implement in flawed fashion.

Suz, are you still feeling the magenta in small doses? I imagine some of the pieces you already have (if not too dressy) would blend nicely with the navy, once it's more like spring. Like AviaMaria showed. I love the sneaks she found.

Ann, absolutely, I love fuchsia/ magenta, teal, reds/ berries, lilacs/ plums. and will still include them in my closet. I just tend to like them as "occasional" items, or as outerwear, scarves, accessories, and statement pieces vs. my daily uniform.

Emily, Sterling -- thanks!

Suz, I agree with everyone! It looks like a very workable wardrobe. I say kudos to you for finding how much you love navy/ink and getting away from black. I think navy/ink is hard to find, but it is so much friendlier to most women than black, but the stores push: black, black, black!

I'm still working on finding "my" neutral. I really think charcoal grey is best on me, but it's so fall/winter...at a loss for s/s.

One last thing...you know, we see all of these capsules on Pinterest and they all look so perfect--on paper. Yours is real, so another reason to pat yourself on the back!!

I love the French 5 strategy. I don't see it as a rut. I think that you may be settling into your signature style for the next few years. It says something that it has become almost intuitive for you to wear and reach for certain things : while looking fantastic and feeling confident. That is the holy grail, isn't it ?

I know that you used to bore very easily with your clothes. Maybe you don't anymore yet you still have a great outlet to keep it lively and "moving".

And I LOVE what Dana said, "Yours in REAL !"

Suz - I've missed your musings! Fwiw, I think this sounds like a fantastic signature look (and I'm not just saying that because I love navy AND your style and therefore look forward to seeing what inspiration you'll serve up next!). I think you commented you have different prints and this is a great way to keep a signature color from getting boring.

I love your comment about forcing yourself to include non-essentials in your wardrobe - this is something I need to work on too!

Enjoy the next leg of your journey

It sounds like a signature style to me

I never get tired of navy either. It's kinder to my pale skin and grey hair than black

I too love navy. I think navy combined with a pale grayish lilac would look great on you. (You might already be aware of this.) I think navy is flattering on many different types, as is coral and teal/turquoise. It does not hurt to continuing acquiring navy. I use the stalk/sale approach for high quality items in colors I'm collecting, especially if they are useful essentials that I can wear every day.

I know what you mean. I gravitate to my navy and ink items so much as well. I try on other things when I'm getting dressed but nothing "feels" quite the same or has that sophistication while suiting my coloring. Maybe this is how others feel about wearing black. It does sound like a signature style for you. And it sounds like you are possibly on your way to a pared down wardrobe with items you know are your signature.