Dear Fabbers,
How is your wardrobe for colder seasons constructed?
My wardrobe consists mostly of many trousers in neutral colours, blazers in many colours, solid colored tops (mainly silk blouses, many black), Chelsea boots in different neutrals and a few structured cardigans. Very few skirts. No dresses. Very few sweaters, not worn much. Almost none of my clothes have patterns, only solids. I have many scarves, gloves, bags, brooches, statement necklaces and earrings. Also a collection of large sunglasses in various colours.

I always satisfied my need for outfit variety using different accessories. Didn’t need or craved variety of silhouettes. I use similar outfit formulas all the time and almost always with a scarf. My wardrobe is built around this concept. But lately, I started to doubt. I actually feel boring. I feel I need some outfit refreshing. Generally, I am quite happy with my style. But I would like to stretch it a bit. I have a couple of ideas:
* skip scarves a few times a week and use other accessories (I have many, so I could shop my closet),
* use more neutrals, make some outfits more minimal,
* try to vary my hair a bit more....
And that’s it, cannot come up with any more ways, which would not include extensive shopping. Any ideas?

I would love to know what you think. How is your wardrobe constructed? Has any of you a similar wardrobe structure? Do you feel stuck from time to time and how do you move your style forward? Do you have a clear signature style or a signature outfit formula? Are you satisfied with it? Do you crave variety? Please, help me with some ideas and inspiration.