Ooops ---too good to be true, sold out! Oh well....

Suz......They were a big seller but watch for returns. Yes, they are TTS....I got my usual BR petite size. I used to love Sloans but they don't seem to fit me anymore since they changed them. I keep trying though and these ones are great.

Got them!! Last pair in the city in my size. Big surprise. First SA said they had none!! Found them in another part of the store!!

That's fantastic, Suz!

Reviving this thread to say I bought not one but TWO side zip pants this weekend!

Have I ever tried side-zip pants? Oh yes, I grew up in them. Side-zip pants were common for women and girls until around 1970. I remember when some girls, around 1970, turned up in front-zip pants. Several parents and teachers were almost chocked, as the front zip was considered a "mannish" look. But we all soon got used to it. Suddenly, "everybody" wore front-zip pants, and side-zip pants were considered dated.

In the mid 70s, there were even back-zip pants. After visiting "the rest room," people would often forget about their open back zips, so walking behind other people in those days could be rather fascinating ...

Anyway, side-zip pants can be very flattering.

Completely missed this thread until now - and I’ll chime in as the naysayer for flattery . Like Janet , I find they usually appear in high - waisted styles and in crepe and other dressier fabrics . I agree that they are flattering if you are flat- stomached and able to wear a high waist , but when my body went from that to what it is now , a side zip pant became a laughable look. It emphasizes an apple belly in ways that a loose fit trouser doesn’t . I miss wearing them , along with pencil skirts , which are in that same fit and flatter category . Those BR plaid trousers are fantastic though - what a score !

Lisa......I think it depends on the pant. The BR Tartan Sloan
pant fits below the belly button as Sloans do......definitely not high
waisted. The fabric is also quite substantial without the stretch that some Sloans have. They really hold you in without clinging and without the bulk of a front zip.

Marilyn - that’s interesting . I rarely fit BR pants but will keep an eye out for the Sloans and try them on next time I’m in the store . No plaid though

I used to have a couple of pairs of side zip pants but have not seen them around for a while. They worked on me as a classic pant style to wear when not tucking tops - perfect with a peplum or with a welted top. They can have a fun 1950s air to them too!!

Lisa.......I haven't had any luck with the BR Sloans since they changed the fit last year. Something about this pair is different. I'm hoping they do more in the side zip.