The black has a tiny heel, and the leopard print are completely flat. These are ‘dressy’ now that I’m retired. I miss my silver pointy toe flats and silver Converse (both worn to holes!) and I want Sterlings silver flats.

I consider these my party shoes! I have a few more staid dressy shoes but they’re not festive.

This is pretty much it right now. Black patent AGLs too but no find. My dressy occasions are few and far between and my feet are very very fussy so it’s been easier to stick with what works.

Man, I feel underprepared for the festive cold-weather shoe category! I have plenty for warm weather but not for cold.

For cold weather, if there is no snow, I usually wear my Cole Haan OTK boots or my Pour la Victoire lace-up booties. If there is some snow on the ground, I wear my Aquatalia Rumbas or even my Blondo lace-up booties (the Blondos will work for quite a bit of snow, if need be).

I remember one year I had to go to a dance downtown, and the weather was absolutely awful! It was quite a bit below freezing, and the wind was also very bad, and it was snowing. I wore my Aquatalia Rumbas because what else could I do? Not the most elegant footwear, but I felt I had no choice. I saw young women huddling at the street intersections in their stiletto heels and bare legs waiting for the light to change so they could walk to their parking ramps. I might not have been the best dressed that evening, but at least I felt warm!

Party life for me is super casual. On NYE we all go outside to stomp on yards of bubble wrap, so I prefer to be warm enough for that. The silver pumps are the least comfy so I probably won't wear them in favor of something sparkly or patent.

SO fun! I live vicariously through you all. I definitely need some higher shaft elegant refined leather boots with a 1.25" heel and a Wide width. If only Ange's JCrews came in wide.

It is such a rare occasion for me that I only have one true party shoe, although I will press the boots into service if necessary.

LifeStride Shena Pump
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Naturalizer Blissful
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Sterling, it’s a very fun style - and quite comfortable so long as I don’t need to run fast or go down too many stairs (the clompy mules!)

Sling backs, gold boots and tiffany blue loafer for day, glitter silver, gold sandals and magenta heels for night. Sliver heels are more sparkly in real life and catch the light providing an iridescent effect.

Festive, Fancy and Extra, and all 3 are Fun!

These nude pumps (also shown by Xtabay) have been sufficient for all my (infrequent) dressy and holiday needs in the last couple of years. I've been looking for some velvet or shimmery gold/bronze closed shoes with low heels for a couple of years but no luck so far. Just ordered these gold flats, crossing fingers.

Jenna - what are your glittery gold ones with the vamp straps in #3?

I found and tried these yesterday - the black glitter ones are comfy, despite the heel. I need vamp straps; not ankle straps. Damn my cankles!

I have a couple of holiday events coming up in December. Although I consider these to be my festive footwear, I wouldn't hesitate to wear them on an everyday basis.

I don't have any fancy events. The couple work parties I will go to will be straight after or during work so won't require anything special. I will likely just take my usual uniform and step it up a bit and wear one of the boots in finds instead of my usual Veronicas or Billys. I bought the glitter mary janes last year and ended up not wearing them--so I may debut those at Christmas this year.

Peter Jackson Kiwi style !

Cee! That’s amazing. I’m chucking out loud.

I haven't bought, because I don't need anything that festive this year. If I were buying party shoes, I'd get kitten heel mules in a special color with an extra bow strap over the arch, so they stay on, and maybe some sort of embellishment. M Gemi, Botkier, Malone Souliers and lots of others have them at different price points.

I lemming-ed Angie's glittery mary-janes last year and have worn them to several events. Loads of compliments on them! They are so fun. I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to wear them this year, but I'm very fond of the shape and the colour is pretty versatile so I'm sure I'll find more opportunities to wear them. I'm really looking forward to pairing my wintery hi-tops with some dressier outfits, but again, not sure when I'll have the opportunity to do so. And I'm deeply tempted to add a pair of smoking slippers, just not sure I can justify it...

: ( I didn't mean to be funny. I have ordered the white sneaks, but they really would be ideal in black. I did several searches and found nothing, though, so it seems they aren't available. I don't know if I have the guts to try to change the color on a brand new pair of shoes, but I'll see how I like them in white before deciding.

Lisa - you post the best shoe finds . Of course I want the bow trimmed mules but refuse to spend that much .

Hey @nemosmom, they’re from Miss L Fire a British brand, I think.
They’ve kept their glitter remarkably well and I am kinda rough on shoes.

Most of my dressy shoes are 5-10 years old and Me Too brand flats and low kitten heeled pumps with patent. If I could wear sandals I would wear strappy metallic ones with a slight heel or wedge. The EF ones in finds below (6th) are a low heel metallic black and bought last year if I need a winter dressy shoe. I also have ballet flats that are black patent and suede. I need to replace my metallic pewter kitten-heeled pumps with a flat. They have been my most worn dress shoe, spanning seasons and seem to go with everything.

YAY. SO MANY PRETTY SHOES! I love the variety, and can see your style personas shine through!

HIGH FIVE to those of us who have the same shoes!

La Ped and Kelly, I wore our Madewell glittery Mary Janes last night!

It's indeed interesting how different we all are here - moreso than I expected.

Here are mine, cant wait for Christmas and New Year so I can wear them!

If I had a dressy party to attend in winter, these are my 6 dressiest options. In summer I would be wearing dressy sandals. I am more about matching colour than sparkle with these, even although I also have metallic booties which are flat- the bronze ones.
The first two pairs are too high but I am stubbornly holding on to them...
Pic 1 2010 high red heels
Pic 2 2011 worn for monochrome or Deco events
Pic 3 2010 worn for their 1920s feeling
Pic 4 2013 United Nude worn to tone with outfits, better mid heels
Pic 5 2012 Clark’s purple mid heels worn with any purple outfits
Pic 6 vintage bought 2014 worn when I need more comfort in a red shoe or feel vintage vibes in an outfit.
The next pair I might let go would be 1: get passed over in favour of 6 which are way more comfy.

it will be sparkly sneakers for me! Most likely the gunmetal Eccos

I have some red suede and red patent peep toe heels I used to wear for really dressy occasions, but now its all about cute comfort