I need to ramp up my indoor footwear! If shoes are a big part of my statements, no wonder I feel frumpy if I spend much of my time padding around in less-than-fab slippers.

I'm hoping the YLF collected wisdom can help me out.

In summer, I pretty much go barefoot at home in the house. But in winter, I've been wearing these Foamtreads for several years. (In Finds)

What I like/ what works for me:

  • Rubber sole -- I can go outdoors if I need to quickly, keep my feet warm on hardwood.
  • Fleece inside -- keeps feet warm
  • Slip-on -- easy to get on and off and keeps me from getting too hot, which can also happen.
  • Suede upper -- a little more shoe-like, less like PJs.

What I don't like:

  • The fit is not perfect. They're a bit wide, and I tend to step on that little back piece so it flattens down and looks scrungy.
  • They may be unobjectionable, but they are hardly "fashionable."

So...show me your slippers and house shoes! Tell me what you like and dislike. What could I wear indoors for a little more fashion flair? It can be an actual slipper, or it can be a shoe of some kind that is easy on/ easy off and not too heavy. I can wear wool socks for warmth.

Note -- I would like to try some slip on sneakers, but unfortunately, I have not found a pair that stay on my feet. Ditto smoking slippers and basically, almost all flats -- although the rare exception does turn up now and again, and for something I love the look of, I would investigate.

Thank you! And thanks also for putting up with my endless posts from the sickbed. YLF is my entertainment.

Update: I hit the buy button. And not for what I thought I would order. I have one pair of Uggs (like Parsley's) and one pair of smoking slippers on their way -- let's hope one or both will stay on my narrow heels. And thank you all!