Congrats! Double jeopardy eh Boy, I can think of a million things that would influence this decision. When my oldest dearest friend married, and I was maid of honour, oh boy did she have plenty of ideas, lol. Her mom and I were in pearl grey… I think we were in any case. It was a whirlwind and I don’t have the pictures handy(!) Haha Anyways sophisticated pretty was her thing…

Congratulations! What an exciting year+ ahead! When my daughter got married I wore “Angie’s” navy lace dress which hit right at my knee. I had bought it years before and kept it hanging in my closet for a special occasion. ( I don’t know how to link but Angie recently posted about possibly lengthening.) It was perfect; it fit right off the rack, no alterations needed. It was comfortable but special! The lace is so pretty and substantial, not delicate. I wore it with navy pointed pumps with a short heel. I can’t imagine a better choice for me…my favorite color is navy!

Just putting a note to self here: Anthropologie has some very pretty dresses that could work!

I think I could pull off this color, as I have a jacket in the same color already:

That's a beautiful color, shiny! You would look smashing in it.

Such a happy time in your and your family’s lives - congratulations!
My 2 cents - petite-sized offerings are limited and generally appalling in both quality and design. You could get lucky, but I’d encourage not to limit your universe. I pretty routinely get regular-sized dresses altered to fit my 5’2” true petite frame.
Like Linda, I ended up going with an old-line dress shop for both my MOB dresses. I shopped extensively for the first one, looking at all the major department stores and designers’ individual branded stores as well. For the second, I just went to back to the dress shop for a trunk show of the same designer that made the first dress, and - boom! - decision made in an hour.
The blue dress was worn to my older daughter’s fall New England wedding in 2017. The open-sleeve detail (see second picture) was ideal for the blustery day.
The plum dress was chosen for a Spring 2020 wedding, now deferred until late October 2021. Of course now I wish it had sleeves, but I’ll just have to make do with some sort of wrap. Thankfully it’s a weighty wool crepe, so warmer than it looks.
FWIW, it’s amazing how little the clothes and all the other details you sweated over matter on the day of. Embrace this happy time and enjoy!
ETA: that BHLDN dress is gorgeous! A dynamite color and I love the detail in the upper back!

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Ryce, that magenta dress is gorgeous, and you in it too. Add to that the change to pair it with analogous colors (and maybe a touch of gold/bronze) and I’m drooling. Enjoy the day, when it finally gets here! You’re almost entirely right about not even thinking about our clothing at such exciting times. The one exception, of course, is when we have chosen poorly and are tripping over a hem, hiking up a waistline, gasping to breath, clutching our bosom to keep the top closed, etc.

Shiny, the wedding colors are clearly not the orange and yellow I’m thinking of. That’s a beautiful dress.

Congratulations! Very excited for you and I agree it’s not too early to start looking.
I’m loving this thread and all of the amazing photos that have been posted. I’m not yet a MOB or MOG but was trying to remember to my own wedding as to what was worn. No luck so I’ll have to find some photos.
My sister in law wore a lovely navy to my nieces wedding this year. Sadly we were not able to travel due to covid restrictions. Then another niece just married in Germany two weeks ago. Her mom wore a stunning dirndle.

How exciting Shiny! I was a MOB for my daughter’s 2 different events 5 days apart in November 2019, in Vietnam. For the traditional tea ceremony her dress was red and the bridesmaids wore lilac. She approved of my choice of cobalt. I needed a wrap for arm covering in the temple which I took off later.
She was also happy for me to choose a different dress for the 5 days later reception, where she wore a white Western dress. I wore a red dress I already owned.
The forum helped me a lot with my tea ceremony outfit 6 months before the wedding. I wanted it sorted early and was very happy when it was.

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Congratulations (again) to your daughters, and to you! This IS so fun. I will never be a MOB, and goodness knows about MOG (eye roll) so I'll live vicariously here.
I remember that my mother's MOB dress shopping was far more drama-filled than my wedding dress shopping. I would have to look at my album to remember what she wore...teal? I did not have a color scheme, and only my sister as an attendant. It was an evening wedding and I asked my sister to choose a black cocktail dress. She turned out to be 5 months pregnant at my wedding, so worked out great that she didn't have to match some specific bridesmaid dress! I do remember taking my Mom to Nordstrom for her dress for my brother's wedding in 2002, and she got a gorgeous 2 piece cobalt blue dress. It was her first time shopping at Nordstrom, and a total win.

I love that Anthropolgie gown - you should just get that dress and wear it someplace!

The Anthropologie dress looks amazing. I hope you get to try it at least.

How very exciting! Both my daughters are now married and these are the dresses I wore in each of the weddings.
The red dress was for my older daughter's August 2016 wedding (she chose the colour) The fabric was beautiful and I felt like a million dollars in it.
The navy and silver dress was for my younger daughter's September 2019 wedding and I loved it as well. It was purchased at Saks.
I wore the same silver shoes for both weddings.
Have fun! I enjoyed every minute of the shopping process.

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That dress from anthro is vavoom…all eyes will be on you…

(don’t upstage the bride! Ssshhhh)

Back to look at all the beautiful occasion wear. So. Much. Fun!

My daughters were married in 2005 and 2007, both morning weddings with luncheon buffets. They didn’t ask me to match their color schemes or anything. My main goal was to choose what I thought of as “cocktail” length and cool for hot (non air conditioned) churches.

The first daughter chose to accent her white strapless lace gown with a bright turquoise satin bow sash. Her sister was the only bridesmaid and wore a yellow and turquoise flower print chiffon halter neck dress. I wore a hot pink chiffon, sleeveless, knee length dress with an asymmetrical hem, and floral print kitten heel slide sandals.

The second daughter allowed her bridesmaids to choose their own dresses from an assortment of blues. Her flowers were hot colored gerbera daisies. My dress was sleeveless red chiffon with a drop waist, flared knee length skirt, and a draped neckline. My shoes were black peeptoe heels with dots.

My advice is to choose what you love and feel is your style and don’t worry about conforming to MOB tradition if you aren’t into -sparkles, for instance, or sleeves, etc.

I’ll look for my photos.

WOW. You were all beautiful MOB's

Shiny, I love the idea of burgundy for you.

Congrats! I loved these all you others posted- and can't wait to see what will be your choices!! I don't have to think about a MOB dress yet, but when I bump into a thread like this I mainly wonder how can be succesfully incorporated my darker, more substantial specs I cannot leave without anymore:-( to all the finery requested by a true MOB dress. (Madeline &Jenny had almost invisible specs- so didn't have the issue I think, Dianne&Ryce did great with intense colors for repeating contrast!) But what if somebody would like a paler color? Just wondering much ahead the time!!...:-)

Happy dress shopping I hope you find something you love, it's tough these days as most stores seem to have very little inventory.
Lots of gorgeous dresses here ! I'm following with great interest as my niece is getting married in Chicago in August and I have about 3 options but none seem just right .

Watching with interest. Not a MOG yet, but hope to be!