Whether you're planning on buying them or not... because I don't know about y'all, but I LOVE customizing stuff I love. I played with this last night and this morning after seeing Angie's custom chucks, and I made five pairs and added them to my custom Finds with links in case I decide to buy them later. I want them all, but oof, my wallet.

1 - Black denim with embroidered roses. There are other floral options available, too, but roses are my favorite and these would look amazing with my rose embroidered faux leather jacket. If I could only have one, I'd go for these.

2 and 3 - The two plaid designs I made because I was torn between the red and yellow. I like the red because it'd go with a lot that I already have, and I like the yellow because I prefer the bolder plaid design and I've lusted after black and yellow plaid items for quite some time. I opted for contrast stitching on them because I thought the black rubber looked better, but needed something to break it up. The tongue has the tiny houndstooth print and I'm imagining how these would look with my small houndstooth print blazer for some pattern mixing fun.

4 - Black leather with red details, including laces and stitching. Fairly simple in design, but very me.

5 - Off white and black houndstooth with pure white laces, rubber, and stitching because I didn't like how the off white blended into the pattern.

These were an absolute BLAST to make and I will definitely keep the custom option in mind for the future. My only complaint is I wish they had all the options in one place, instead of listings for a bunch of different types; I'm sure there's a good reason for it on their end, but for customers, I feel like it makes it really easy to overlook a color or style you might have liked unless you search through all of them. These five pairs came from four separate listings in their custom section.

If you've made any custom designs already or want to give it a go, please share them! I've been a fan of Converse since I was a teenager and have owned quite a few pairs over time, but they've all been solid one or two colors, so I'm excited about all the patterns and options to mix them up.