I'm glad you're keeping them white. I think shortening them next spring may be a good idea to get more use out of them with your kind of weather.

I think you look so nice in the white jeans, Suz, and while I can't relate to the different weather patterns you experience, where you live (although, I must say that we have had more humid days here in So. Cal. than I recall), I think your crisp and colorful woven shirts make a nice contrast with these jeans.

I wouldn't even know how to dye something, so I commend you for wanting to tackle this DIY project; or, is Claire flying in with her bag of tricks?

Do you think you would wear red more than white? It's not an easy call, especially since you aren't wearing them. I think white jeans are a classic.

@Vicki, haha! I'm the first to DIY, but even I would leave these as is.

Obviously in my climate I can't wear white jeans in summer either. If you have a dry fall, that would be the perfect time to wear them. They look great with your suede booties and they'd be great with your leopard print scarf and other neutrals. Black, white and navy are looking really fresh to me right now too.