I have been trying to find another pair of medium-light neutral color shorts for summer--Bermuda-type length, woven, beltloops, high-ish waist, not denim, not baggy, not so tapered they cling tightly. My trusty Eddie Bauer tan shorts are the closest I have, but waist could be higher, didn't see ones I thought would work, and really wanted some just slightly more refined. I really need some of my shorts to be not-white but light color, because I like to wear lighter colored shoes to blend in with legs--I don't typically "bookend" my shorts shoes with my hair color.

These Wit and Wisdom shorts are just the ticket.They are an easy fit, tapered but not squeeze-y, tailored waistband with belt loops. Now, I did not go looking for leopard and could have used a solid gray, tan, taupe, etc. to be fully versatile. But, the softened down print is great and goes with a slew of neutrals and colors.
I haven't laundered them yet so keeping fingers crossed that they do ok, in a cotton-rayon blend.

Thought someone else might be looking for soft light neutral shorts.