At YLF we are all about high-low style. But we're also about the NAS!!
And some of us have GREAT experiences with this sale, and some of us have disappointments.

Most of us probably have a mix of experiences, and possibly different experiences in different years.

In my first year on YLF I only watched the sale from afar. In my second year I ordered some items, but apart from some camisoles and some VC tube skirts, nothing really worked out.

In my 3rd year I got serious and went across the border with the indomitable Sveta!! Wow, did we shop!! I came back with some beauties but returned some because they just weren't "me" -- and also left quite a few others in the change room because they didn't fit or didn't suit my life.

Year 4, Kingston forum member Mona and I conspired to do a little cross border fun together at our "US addresses" (in a lumber supply store). Boy did we have fun trying on jeans in the dirty bathroom!!

Year 5 I almost sat it out entirely due to grief. (My mother died in the first days of the presale.) But instead I engaged in a bit of highly successful retail therapy. I actually returned about more than half of my order, but the items I kept were wonderful additions to my closet.

This year, well, I got my gilet and what else matters? Seriously -- I have ordered a bunch more highly practical stuff that might or might not work, but I am happy with my main purchase.

How about you? What have your sale highs and lows been -- this year, or in other years?


2012 -- everything went back except the shoes and skirt. I still have the skirt. Donated the shoes in the spring.

2013 -- to Michigan Sveta and I go!! Keepers in photo 2. Still have the booties. Finally sent the top and skirt on to Anne in Oz after 2 years' wear and still looking good.

Photo 3 -- Tory Burch dress that I loved but did not keep -- had no call for it.

Photo 4 -- Tahari jacket I also loved but had no use for. Note the skirt -- my NAS purchase from the previous year!! Also the sandals were an Angie Top Pick.

Photo 5 -- our boxes. (Some of them.)

2014 -- Photo 6 -- jacket and jeans acquired in a little road trip with Mona.

2015 -- the famous Vince dress (with the booties from 2013) and a cardigan also from the sale and the Franco Sarto booties (also available in this year's sale -- super comfy but a bit wide at the ankle, FWIW).

2016 -- the Great Gilet!!

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