We're having a real heat wave in Seattle, as opposed to usual June Gloom or Junuary, and summer starts July 5th.
I need more shorts. I was near a big mall on Sunday (Southcenter for the locals). I knew Express was having a big sale on shorts. The largest size was a 12 in store, but they go up to an 18 online. Unfortunately I did not fit into the any of 12's even in different styles.
There was a Torrid, and they were having a big sale, but nothing appealed to me.
Uniqlo, ahhh, I just didn't feel like further trashing my self-esteem.
I had to go back through JC Penney's to get to my car. And they had shorts, lots of shorts, different styles, and all on good sale. Likes doesn't seem to work. The A.n.a. brand is great
Camo cargo shorts, in a 14

I tried on several lengths of black, sorta dressy shorts. Thinking of Angie's recent black-out outfit idea.
Black for this inseam isn't online
7" inseam
9" inseam

I grabbed whatever 12 or 14's in these styles. There's a 5", but I don't remember that in black in my size.
The 3 3/4" inseam in a 12 was a bit snug. There was no 14. But it looked good.
The 7" in a 12 was way too tight, no 14 in store. I liked the length and cut though.
The 9" in a 14 fit, and looked presentable. But I didn't feel good in it. If you're looking for a modest short, then this would be great. I kinda wanted to like it, but it wasn't working.
So I got the short one, my butt looked good. Though I thought it had temporarily sewn shut pockets; it might have been an original design plan, but something happened in the factory. There was fabric pockets inside the rear and front. But they were sewn shut with two different seams that permanently close them off. I didn't realize this until today when I went to wore them.
I also tried on some other random shorts that didn't work, including some Levi's that were made with a super soft stretchy material that reminded me of leggings.
I also got some cute T-shirts in XL. I could only find the plus version online, black and gold splatter
And one white with black stars all over it.

Hope this helps. I recommend going into the store to try them on though.