Everything looks beautifully cohesive and perfect for you! Yes, I do have seasons when I shop more...currently in one right now! I am craving tailoring, e.g., jackets, after wearing so much loungewear for working from home these past few years.

Treat. Yo. Self. I love every piece you have chosen.

I track spending each year, and can see that 2019 was a BIG year cost-wise. There's an emotional component for sure, I was very sure I was getting promoted, and then very disappointed when I didn't get the position. I have no regrets.

That was a big year for accessories: watches, jewelry, scarves, gloves. Pretty, portable, no fitting worries. That category is tiny these days, and I've given away a lot of what I owned.

Still a happy little shopper, though!

Oh interesting about measurements, Jenn! I like garment measurements because ease can vary so much from style to style and body measurements are usually just stated for that company’s standard sizing, So if, for example, a company’s standard XL size has a bust smaller than mine, but the garment has plenty of positive ease, I can often tell if it will work for me. Similarly, seeing waist and/or hip measurements let’s me know if it might fit my bust but not provide enough room elsewhere.