Jenni NZ, we have not had closed shops here during the pandemics almost at all, only some minor restrictions. But some people still avoid going into B&M stores. I have not done any B&M shopping during the pandemics at all and I still avoid shopping malls and department stores. So I buy online.
But I have been shopping mainly online for about 6 - 8 years. Before that, my favorite shopping destinations where smaller local shops and "boutiques", which had quite specific mixed merchandise, I knew the owners or SAs and always had a good time going in there. These were my "power breaks". All of these shops have been gone for several years. Very sad. Instead, there are these big malls or chains popping up. I also shopped often when I traveled, mainly in Germany and Denmark, because I found the supply broader and more interesting.
Later on, I found a couple of German online stores, which sell exactly the brands I wear and I know the sizing and the style, which makes it easier.
Shopping online is different than B&M, it is like you take the items to a fitting room, just like Suz says. I make fewer mistakes as to what I keep, because I have more time to think and try with clothes I already own. My purchases are better thought out. I practice Angie's PPP's better. Sometimes though, it is frustrating when you order a lot, knowing that not everything can work, but hoping that something will, and all has to go back. The "p" for patience is the hardest one.

The “P” that’s hardest for me is “Pack it all up & send it back”.

FashIntern, for me too! LOL

That makes a lot of sense Katerina. I am sorry your small boutiques have gone. We still have some, including in that favourite mall I mentioned and another one not much further away. And all of ours have only been open when there hasn’t been community transmission of Covid- when there has been, they have all been closed, which is the 10 weeks I mentioned.
It’s a shame therefore that none of your 10 items worked and you were certainly practising being Picky and Practical!

Great bag! Yep- there's been many days I tried on half a rack of clothes and went home with earrings, a scarf, or nothing at all :/

Yes, I know this feeling too @katerina don't worry!

@suntiger I have to be extra careful in that sort of situation *not* to fall into the trap of buying an accessory (like you mentioned) to try & 'make up' for none of the clothing items feeling fab on me. Had a few pairs of emotionally-bought earrings gather dust in the past because they couldn't be returned

Katerina, to answer your question, YES! Sometimes I am tempted to try something on my shopping breaks. But the item has to more than whack it out of the ballpark for me to do anything about it, and for it to earn a place in my wardrobe. I guess I value the shopping break more than FOMO, if that makes sense