I have linked the Shopping Challenge Post for April and May above.

June and July were Shopping Fasts for me. I made zero purchases. I needed some time to review my wardrobe, do a wardrobe audit, and set some shopping goals. I was definitely in a period of transition. August became more interesting. I made three purchases bringing my total for the year to nine.

The first purchase was a pair of brown Arizona Birks with copper buckles. These were planned. I finally made it to the store that had a good selection of Birks and found what I wanted.

Next, I found a HEWI at a local independent boutique at a nearby town. I had been hoping to add a white denim jacket to my wardrobe and there was one by Sandwich, one of my favourite labels, at a boutique that I stopped at after Yoga.

The third purchase was a pair of black camo leggings by Lululemon. I had planned on buying these. There is a Lululemon summer pop-up store near us.

The purchases are in finds.

This is my shopping list:
Full length straight-legged or mini boot cut jeans (I am eyeing a pair from Fidelity)
Cream/Ivory crew-neck long-sleeved T-shirts
Denim shirt
Winter boots that are nice looking (not snow boots) - I will probably buy these in Montreal
Fleece top with full zip