Hello YLF,

I have been away from the forum but this new season of new beginings made me want to share where I am at. Hopefully I will be participating more but right now the wonderful and timely post from Angie about the Fall and winter Footwear Trends made me wanna share my two new additions.
Some time ago while shopping with DD we came accross these Low Top Converse All Star in Green( in finds although the color is deeper than it looks). DD wasn't particularly impressed and sticked to black high tops but they really made an impression on me.
I kept looking at them when I went to the mall and finally decided to buy them. I have the greeen Fossil watch (also in Finds) and I though that this could be the begining of a small forest green capsule to complement more black based outfits. I would add a forest green handbag but the one that I like is the Demellier Venice and I am not ready to put my clothing budget there just yet. I have a birthady and Christmas coming on so maybe....
The loafers came about because of Angie's post.At this point my wardrobe is at a stage that needs some tweaks to keep current and black loafers seemed to be a good starting point. I looked around and found these shiny lug sole loafers from Nine West at Hudson's Bay. I have tried them just around the house and they seem very comfortable with a very cushioned insole.
I would like to buy either a block heeled mary jane or a heeled loafer to substitute my run down pumps but am still looking.
The other area in my wardrobe that needs an update are my jeans but I will leave that for another post.
Hope everyone is doing well, comments or suggestions are welcome.