For an all natural product face serum, I strongly suggest Bee's Sweet Haven. The face and body oils and butters are all 100% natural and smells really good. My favorites are the hibiscus infused oil & the chamomile and calendula infused oil. My skin is so super soft and my facial issues are a thing of the past thanks to this wonderful brand's serums.

This is an old thread, but I was reading it with a bit of interest, so I thought I’d piggyback on the questions.

I recently purchased a Solawave, and I have no idea whether it’s going to be worth it or not, but so far it’s pleasant to use, and I read enough encouraging things about it to make me think it was worth a try.

I’m turning 56 soon and I am not naturally blessed with spot- and wrinkle-free skin. I have already developed some age spots, and some lines around my mouth (not a smoker, nor was my mom, but she had them too later in life). I do have that fair, thin skin typical of most people with my ethnic background. Freckles, sunburn, etc. Sigh. I drink plenty of water and try to eat a balanced diet.

I’ve been trying various products in the last few years, and I’ve added a Retinol night moisturizer, and a vitamin C serum. I’ve changed to using a Blissy silk pillowcase. I’ve used moisturizer with sunscreen for many years.

I realize I can’t turn back time, and it’s unlikely any product will reverse what’s already happening, but if anyone has good recommendations for skin of my age and with my issues, I welcome them! Particularly for a serum that can be used with the Solawave.

I’ve also been considering Juvaderm or some sort of gentle fillers, but I’m not super crazy about that idea.

@Janet I don't know anything about the Solawave, but it seems like a red light therapy device? I've heard really good things about infrared light therapy and facial skin. I'm very curious about the Omnilux Light Therapy mask. It's so pricey though, I'm afraid to go for it just yet. But I have some of the same issues as you with thinner skin and red light therapy is really supposed to help with that and facial redness (which I also have).

I have a Nuface mini micro current device and when I actually have time to use it, I really like the results. I wish they weren't temporary, haha. But things are so hectic in my life right now that I don't have the time to dedicate to it every day.

For serums I really like Timeless and The Ordinary because they're a good value. There's a YouTuber I really like whose handle is HotandFlashy. Her name is also Angie. She's in her 50s and I really appreciate her skincare reviews. She is very thorough! I've learned a lot about good, inexpensive skincare lines from her channel.

The Ordinary Squalane Oil, sold at Ulta works great for me! Also, I read that using Noxema to clean your face, will supposedly keep your skin looking youthful. My mom used it her whole life, and at 77 she has no wrinkles, so here's to hoping

I’m interested in the Solawave now!

My problem with everything is keeping up with it. My grandma had no wrinkles and used Clinique, but I think more than the product was her faithful use of any product. I’m really really bad about it. I’ve fallen off my Olaplex hair conditioner and frankly it’s excellent…

Oh! A retinol night cream can definitely help with wrinkles. You could also switch to a prescription retinoid (like Tretinoin) and it can help with even more. It's not a miracle and it takes time and consistent use to get results, but there have been lots of studies that show it visibly reduces wrinkles. I get mine through Curology but you can also get it through your dermatologist. You have to be very consistent about applying sunscreen every day though. Otherwise the sun damage will make it worse than if you didn't use it at all.

Another 100% Squalane oil fan, here! I’ve tried several brands, and they’ve all been absolutely terrific. It never gets rancid, it’s light and quickly absorbed, and it doesn’t clog my pores. And it’s cheap! I’ve been using it for years, and imagine I’ll never stop.