Very cool! Looks great on your feet! I missed these, I just purchased a similar pair in black from Macy's, it's a brand that I never heard of, Sun + Stone. I haven't styled them with anything yet, but I like them. I love your Sorels too.

Thanks, JP and everyone!

JP, I like those a lot. There’s something about that vertical piece that makes a line up the foot that turns out to be quite flattering, IMO. I don’t think I need new chunky black sandals, but if I change my mind, I would seek those out!

Real nice for white shoes!

I agree.
I'm considering a pair of white or hot pink (or both, haha).

JP, your hot pink would be my orange! I’m keeping these on my radar. I don’t wear a lot of orange but I do have an orange bag, and I love the color. It would look good with all my summer blues…

SOREL Joanie III Lace
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These look even better on you. Another fab addition.

Sending you a thank you, Janet. I would have passed these sandals by on-line, thinking they’d be too heavy, inflexible and chunky on my low-volume feet and ankles. They are perfect and comfortable. I love the white now that my hair is a light silvery white. Appreciate the detailed recommendation.

I like this style and think they suit you. I might use as inspiration for my sandals next summer.

Yes, Angie -- those are the sandals! I replaced my original Find with a Nordstrom link once I found they were available through them. I've worn them a few times and find them very comfortable! They're just a bit roomy through the mid-foot but the ankle straps tighten enough that they feel very secure.

Yay! Good to know, and will make them a top pick.