Aw, those shoes:-))

Dressing in a festive way is a great way to immediately feel happier. I love the new dresses.

I can TOTALLY see you in those plaid pants and how wonderful are they with your shirt? I hope they find their way to you for Christmas.

For me too, 2017 has been a big year. Thank you (to you and the YLF community) for being one of the highlights of my year.

Angie, what a terrific holiday capsule! I am with Shevia, though -- new Kate Spade dress? It will look gorgeous on you! Can't wait to see. I love a print with white in it nowadays...

I love all the red. I am going to amp up red and silver and white in my own holiday wear. Whoot!

I love the Kate Spade dress and the red handbag. The entire capsule is nice!

Love these! The red and gold combo is really rich looking and very festive. Enjoy!