Thank you so much for posting this. I have been working on a fall capsule wardrobe for the first time and my colors are almost identical (I bought the same camo scarf when Angie posted it too!!). You also encouraged me by saying it took you 5 years to come to wear you are at....I need reminders that it is an ongoing process. I would love to know where you purchased some of your items if they are recent. Your style is very much like mine.

This is a fabulous capsule. Enjoy!

Sal, I think I was picking the wrong fabric, re: dresses. Each was polyester woven, and that might be the problem. I need a break from dress shopping and perhaps I'll start up again in the spring.

Sandy, thanks for posting and yay for the camo scarf! I thought it was fun. I know it's crazy to say that it took me five years to figure this out, but there are many small things I learned about my style that took time and experimentation. For example, I like more variety of silhouette in the summer, necklines need to be fairly tight to the shoulder, I need very curvy fit jeans...little details like that.

I shop at the Gap, Banana Republic and it is very easy to build my wardrobe.

The only recent shoes are the khaki olive booties which are dolce vita and I got at Town Shoes. (Not sure this retailer is available in the US.)

The sneakers are Ecco and I think the style is still available.

Looks GREAT.

My suggestion - don't hold yourself to a January no-shopping-ban. But DO road test the Fall capsule and see where your preferences lie. Listen to your feelings and follow your dressing mood. You can't figure out your most accurate emotions until you're actually in the season. Then fill in the gaps. Lose what you're not feeling and top up with what you are.

Ok, Angie. I'll make sure to assess my feelings in the season.

Fixed the typo. Jet lag. Need more tea...

Welcome back! I missed you!

Thank you. Feels good to be back, and missed.

Amazing job! I love what you have done & achieved.

You should feel proud--you've put together a small seasonal wardrobe that works well enough for you to mostly forget about it! I always think you look great in your clothes, modern and free-wheeling. They suit and frame you perfectly, without demanding too much attention for themselves. The golden olive and raspberry combinations are particularly pretty; they make me think of heather. My own Fall wardrobe hasn't quite coalesced, but an unusually cool late Summer has me thinking about it. Having seen your compact collection, I feel like spreading out all my Autumn stuff out the bed, too!

This looks great, Smittie! I love the colors, looks very cohesive and remixable.

This is a great capsule wardrobe. The warmer tone colors are so pretty. And kudos to you for getting sorted on your capsule.