One of my goals for 2017 is to build a versatile travel wardrobe. An empty nest, aging parents, and family spread across the United States means I sometimes need to pack up quickly to go across the country. DH travels all over the world for his work and with no children in school to worry about, I am free to join him. DH and I also plan to travel for the purpose of exploring various locations for our future retirement, and of course just for leisure. I expect my travel to take place year round, to include all climates, and to include a wide variety of locations both urban and rural. My guess is that the majority will be in urban or at least suburban areas. I am not sure how likely we are to visit tropical locations, but I'm not going to rule them out.

I have a certain amount of exercise and medical gear that gets packed when I travel, and it takes up space in my bag making it very important that whatever I use for travel be light weight, coordinated, and possibly something easy to wash and quick to dry so I can pack less.

My everyday clothes don't seem versatile enough to meet my travel needs. I find it takes me too long to pull together a light travel capsule from my wardrobe. Things get too bulky and heavy, or I need more pairs of shoes to make outfits work.

I have thought about using a capsule wardrobe in a solid color and all from one place. Two that come to mind are Comfy and Eileen Fisher. I have doubts about this though. Neither really fit with my personal style. The choices available are mostly neutral, and not those I would normally choose. There are also so many silhouette choices. The fit is not perfect for me, they are designed for someone slightly shorter.

How important is it to maintain my personal style when I travel?
Is it okay to trade style for convenience?
What bare minimum number of pieces would get me through a four season travel itinerary where I wanted a one week period without duplicate outfits, but garments can be used in more than one outfit during the week. (Maybe twice in a week.)
Does anyone here travel and wear EF or Confy? Any other suggestions?