I’d want new fashion sneakers for spring, and would like to ask for some advice from the the sneaker-wearing YLF community. I am considering getting both black and nude, starting with black. I don’t love white
footwear, although I’m keeping an open mind, so I’m not looking for white right now.

Here is what I have now. Other than the black Clarks which are workhouses I’ve had for a few years, I bought them all last spring early in my big year of experimentation and don’t love any of them.

#1 Clark black leather sneakers. Very sporty. Great for walking all day but not particularly stylish or modern.

#2 Keds in white leather; very traditional style. Comfortable and I do wear them, but don't quite love them. .

#3 Ecco grey patent leather. Very comfortable. I sized up to fit warm socks, thinking I’d wear them in fall and spring, and they look a little big. They seem masculine, industrial (because of the lacing) , and hard

#4 Naturalizer Black faux leather slipons that are a bit uncomfortable after a few hours and I don’t love how they look

#5 Reiker Blue. Too sporty and clunky looking on the foot

I ordered a few pairs of black sneakers. I really like the streamlined look of a black body, black laces, and no metallic details. Find #6 (Caslon) is the one I like best, they fit well and I like the shape and overall look. I’m not sure whether to go with the white sole or maybe I’d prefer the black sole look that Greyscale posted about recently here: http://youlookfab.com/member/monochrome/. I posted a couple of those in finds #6 and #7.

I would love to hear your ideas.

How would you compare and contrast the style, the vibe, the overall look of the black sneakers with white soles vs black soles?