Ok. I'm kind of new here. I'm mean, I've posted maybe once or twice? Anyway, I recently embarked on a closet purge and decided to part with several pairs of Dansko clogs. I realize I've gotten into somewhat of a shoe rut. I'm a nurse, so I wear Danskos at work, and because they're comfy and I'm used to them and I can just slide them on, I wear them outside of work, too. A lot. But I would like to find something more polished - but just as comfy. I have somewhat fussy feet and am prone to plantar fasciitis, so ballet flats don't work well, I'm afraid. At least none of those I've tried. I have some AGL ballet flats I can tolerate for a while, but I would like something more ... substantial? I've made note of the mens-inspired footwear and the sporty luxe sneakers. But are those trends already trending out? Any specific recommendations, other than those I've already perused in the NAS forums? Thank you in advance for any guidance!