You have such a good sense of style, I can't see you going wrong with whatever you choose to swear. I do agree with a skirt, and since here might be a lot of standing, comfortable shoes - but you already know that, since youv'e been to similar events.

If you are looking for an inspiration jumping off point, you could incorporate some of the county's national colour or a motif in your outfit in a subtle way. Diplomatic visitors to Canada often incorporate some red or the maple leaf motif in outfits. Something innocuous like a bird or flower motif shouldn't get you in any hot water!

Thank you dear YLF friends for all the great advice and support! You are fantastic!

Jane, you are so kind!

, I can imagine your outfit - it sounds absolutely gorgeous!

ainelady, since I have met you here on YLF, I always think about hapiness factors, they are so important.

, thank you so very much for the advice - you are so kind and genereous. Very, very helpful!

, so interesting! Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

Carla, very good point - comfartable shoes are a necessity for me, I do not manage to stand on my feet in uncomfartable shoes. I almost never wear heels when I know there will be a lot of standing. The idea of national colours and motifs is great!

Today was the party, I have posted some pics and comments. What do you guys think?

I’m sorry it didn’t go to plan, but I LOVE your outfit. Once again a spectacular scarf. Love the pop of green and your color mixing with the bag. The lines are dramatic, with a hint of softness. This is so you and is stunning.

Agree with Toban. Stunning and perfect.

I love your outfit also, it's dramatic and elegant! You must have stood out in the crowd.
Off to look at purple bags now.

The outfit, despite lack of time to plan, is smashing!

Tack så mycket, Toban, for the fantastic feedback! You are so kind.

Rachylou, Ginkgo and Shevia, thank you very much for the lovely compliments!

Things may not have gone as planned, but one would never guess from your attire. Katerina, I completely agree with Toban. You have a great eye and a strong sense of style. You have good instincts and every outfit I have seen looks unique, custom and gorgeous. You could be a stylist and dress others for events. Cheers for joining Team Happiness Factor! Your bracelet is indeed very special. I can see why wearing it makes you so happy!

You looked beautifully elegant as always Katerina. I would love to "be let loose" in your gorgeous collection of scarves!!!

I think this was perfect- better feelin' like powerful you in your trusted clothes than lack of confidence in a something never tried! Esp. love the accessories: the nostalgic bracelet, the elegant arty scarf and the lighter blue bag to the navy pant suit!


KILLER to the POWER of KILLER. Could not be more Katerina-Perfect.

Again- late to the party. That said.......Katrina.....
I am in complete and total awe of your style and fashion sense.
Every time I see a post and picture from you I know I will “drool” over the scarves and long for the look in general.
You should be awarded style icon status.

Mainelady, thank you very much, what a kind thing to say!

Amy Isabela and Lyn67, thank you very much for the great compliments!

Angie, thank you very much for the killer comments! You are always so kind and supportive,

Efbgen, thank you very much for the compliments! I am humbled. You are way too kind.

Amy Isabela and Efbgen, how nice to meet fellow scarfs enthusiasts!

Maybe not as you'd planned but maybe even better?
Your "tried and true" is so excellent, I don't for a second believe anyone outdid you, and you didn't have to worry about any surprise issues that a never worn outfit can break out with.

You look positively sharp, love everything, especially the neat fit of your suit.

Thank you very much Isabel for the lovely compliments and for the support! It means a lot.

You look great Katerina. You can really do well with a not planned outfit!

And a K to the power of K from Angie!! Congratulations!

You wore the perfect outfit - you look stylish and so very you! I hope you had a great time. Your outfit really showcases that stunning scarf.

Bijou, thank you, you are very kind. This is one of my favourite scarves, I love the colours and the size.