I can see the advantages of a closed toe sandal for cooler, wet summers, for safety reasons (that can be a factor in some workplaces), for wearing with hose and for bad pedi days. And for those whose feet run cold or who don't want to show their toes.

Personally, I don't think closed toed sandals are inherently more dressy than open toe sandals because they hide a woman's toes. Anymore than full length pants are inherently more dressy than cropped pants because they hide a woman's ankles. A lot depends on the level of refinement of the item in question and the rest of the outfit.

It sounds like you tick quite a few of the boxes that make closed toe sandals a good choice for you. I hope that they work out for you.

I love closed-toe sandals, especially for bridging the spring-summer season. It's been a cool and wet spring here, and closed-toe sandals have been a lifesaver when it's too warm (and late in the season) to wear winter shoes, but it feels too cold for bare toes. And it solves the whole "I haven't gotten around to the summer pedicure" situation.

The following are my favorite closed-toe summer shoes. They are not sandals per se, but they function in that way in my summer closet. I wear them to work much more often than I wear my open-toe sandals.

*Sorry no finds, since these are from retailers incompatible with collecting finds


Looking at the pictures above, I realized that one reason I prefer closed-toe sandals is I can get pointy-toe ones, which is my favorite kind of shoe, as they help me elongate my silhouette and balance my hips.

They are useful for rainy summer days, otherwise generally- and in my neck of the woods a closed toe reads more formal (if dressy enough)-for (ex. church or business meetings).

I'm with others, these look dressier than an open toe sandal. And I'd sport them in spring, summer, and fall.

I started buying close toed espadrilles last season and now own 4 in great colors and love that I can extend the season of wearing sandals. In my part of the world I can wear them at least 7 months!

I wear closed toe "sandals" like the dansko version that JAileen posted. I have a couple of pairs. Some have strappy backs; one pair is closed in the back and open in the middle, kind of a modified d'orsay look. I like them because they keep my feet slightly warmer. I have little toe-cap sockettes I sometimes wear with them if there are issues with rubbing.

Well, I've ordered a couple different sizes of the sandals above, to see if they'll work on my feet. I'll update when they arrive.

So, here they are! Miraculously, they fit quite well. I'm pleasantly surprised. Hadn't anticipated that, so hadn't really been planning on keeping but I just might hang onto them. Thoughts?

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I love UmmLila's shoes! they're more versatile than the open-toed.

Wondering where can i get the exact same one in the picture? can't wait to have it.

They look super cute! I vote yes, if comfy and black doesn't seem to heavy to you for summer.

They look nice on your feet. I personally find the black looks a bit heavy for my own taste.

I like them a lot. They look a little like clogs.

Years ago I had a pair of the classic El Nat "Yggdrasil" clogs in bright green, and have contemplated replacing them, but they just feel a little too crunchy/boho to me now, so maybe these are my alternative.

I'm perfectly happy with the black, especially with the pop of white in the sole. I tried the olive as well (in a different size that didn't fit), but it was a bit too yellow/brown and looked weird against my skin. I contemplated the red, too, but already have red espadrilles and chukka boots, and have certain outfits that don't work with red/burgundy footwear so don't want to add anymore right now. I always come back to black for footwear -- it's the most versatile color in my wardrobe, anchors outfits that consist of mid-tones, and it bookends my hair.