So, my feet are now officially D-width according to the Brannock device. I still cheat into a lot of medium-width shoes, if they have laces I can loosen or are made of a supple, stretchy material. But with sandals it's hard to cheat; my forefeet and toes spill over the sides. I can wear regular-width Birkenstocks and wide-width (or men's) Chacos. But I'm honestly pretty tired of both -- I don't need the prominent arch support; if anything it causes me to over-supinate (wearing down the outer edge of the shoe).

Is it just me, or is there a real lack of sandals for wider feet? And moreover: is it just me, or do the ones that are available give off a very conservative "comfort shoe" vibe? I'm well-versed in all the barefoot sandal offerings (Xero, Unshoes, Luna, Shamma, etc) but stylewise none of them have much going on -- definitely gear-only for me.

Seriously, I'm ready to give up on casual sandals and reserve sandals for gear use only. Summer's short here anyway. :-/

Does anyone have cute, modern-looking flat sandals that run a bit wide? If so, please point me to them!