Now that coronapocolypse (as so aptly coined by cindysmith) is continuing, with social distancing  until the end of April here in the US, I'm trying to get more organized about distractions and hopefully forming some some new habits over the next month. Gotta focus on what I can control, although it feels like very little.  This posting qualifies as distraction for me, hope it gives some of you a bit of distraction too.   I ordered a few Safari-chic items  between March 3 and March 13, which feels like YEARS ago, and finally did some try-ons. 

All comments/suggestions more than welcome!

1 - Khaki slacks, older white shirt, tan sneakers. The pants need to be shortened. Nice enough but not inspired. I have a feeling nothing  fashion-related is capable of inspiring to me right now ::-( Will KEEP the sneakers, on the fence about the pants. 

2. Same slacks, brown print shirt, cognac loafers. Shirt is way too big, although it's my usually size in this brand. Will RETURN and maybe order a smaller size.

3. Added safari/anorak jacket, which is WAY too big. Will RETURN and maybe order a smaller size, but feeling a bit blah about this jacket. 

4 - Black shirt and olive paperbag pants. The shirt is good. The pants fit ok but are unflattering because the bottom of the pocket hits right at the widest part of my thighs. The olive ("olive drab") is definitely drab, too close to grey.  The one good thing about this outfit is it shows that paperbag waist pants (which I do like) just might work on me, which was a surprise. Will KEEP the shirt and RETURN the pants

5. Same pants with white cardigan and b/w lizard sneakers. The cardigan fits better than it looks, and works well with the sneakers, just not with these pants. Will KEEP the sweater and the sneakers. 

No photos
- Olive shirt - too close to brown, want a warmer olive, already RETURNED
- leopard Espadrilles - fit is good,KEEP.
- Olive cardigan - dup of the cream one, KEEP

I did my last set of returns a week and a half ago by going to a UPS office where I only encountered  one UPS employee and stood quite far from her plus was in and out quickly The rest of the returns are not due until mid-June thanks to Macy's generous return policies so I will wait.

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