Whew- that's a relief!

Nice break! Awesomesauce

Fabulous news! You were meant to be reunited with your items.

The universe answered your call, yay!

Wonderful news!! Very happy for you.

So many good stories in this thread about how we become attached and the loss we can feel related to clothes! The camp shirt is special, but it’s not something designed by one family member for another.

Jenn, considering how carefully you plan your wardrobe and your travel capsules, that’s quite a compliment. Thanks! I suppose I might’ve discovered the mistake faster if I had limited my travel capsule to just these items. As it turned out, I was switching to the “work” phase of my trip when I stuck these things in the drawer, so didn’t think about them until I had left that room and was back in “chill” mode, without the clothes for it.

Box received. It's at my parents' house--no sense paying for overseas postage for summer clothes, given the weather here now. But my mom went through it all with me on the phone. My cobalt swim shorts seem to have vanished, but the rest is there. Whew!

Happy Euro dance time !!