My old go-to long pants for fall/winter activity are reaching the end of their life -- somehow they are stretched out or something because they ride down my hips and I have to yank them up after running half a mile. Not acceptable!

I want full-length, a decent pocket (a zip pocket in back works well for me) capable of holding a car or hotel key, and NOT pockets on the side which is annoying the heck out of me because it seems like that's where Lulu and Athleta are putting their pockets now. I do not need more bulk on my saddlebags, thank you very much. Zella seems to run too short for me. Not ultra high rise, but waist high is fine (I wear roomier untucked tops for activity so the waist is always hidden). Black or dark colors are fine, but no patterns or curves that accentuate hips or thighs. Got enough there already.

Thanks in advance for any help. This is a sudden wardrobe hole in need of quick help!