I'm starting to eye some new black booties for the "rock'n'roll" part of my life (which also crosses over into everyday wear for me). By "rock'n'roll" boots, I mean boots that I can comfortably wear to a concert or day-long music festival and not think about my feet, while still looking cool. I'm sure I would end up wearing them lots of other times too.

I've been leaning heavily on my Ugg moto boots and my Sorels in winter, and my Jeffrey Campbell Everly's and my old Ash wedge sneakers in summer (see first four Finds respectively). The Everly's are starting to show the wear and the Ash's now feel dated enough that I'm relegating them to ranch wear.

I think it's time for a refresher in this category. I've collected four possibilities from the Nordstrom site (the last four Finds) that appeal to me. Any feedback or suggestions?