This is the downside of faux leather but the quality is improving all the time. The replacement pair look fab!

Thanks, everyone! I'll keep you posted on the new faux leather orange pants

The demise of the orange pants is a downer, but I do like the look of the replacement pair. Fingers crossed that they work for you!

How disappointing!-( But great that you've already found a new pair!

Too bad. Hope your replacement will work as good as the old pair.

I also had my fair share of ruined favorite items recently. I am especially bummed about workhorse pants that were part of pantsuit that now have impossible to remove stain.

Angie, you should always have a pair of Dutch orange pants in your closet. I hope replacements work out well. YLF!

But I think they would be super fab shorts. Á la this pair.

Oh no!
I think Sharan an I think the same way I was also thinking they would make beautiful shorts or if I had it I would turn it into a fab skirt.

They've been passed on! But thanks for the sympathy