Last year I posted my essentials were:
- Basic knits in light colours or black (summer and winter layering pieces)
- Skinny jeans
- Basic white shirts

On reflection, basic knits and skinny jeans are still strong in my wardrobe. Knits always need to be refreshed and I have white, pale pink and pale grey knits - all of which get worn in winter - so glad I duplicated my favourites. Skinny jeans - I am still wearing these on the weekends a lot - so yes still an essential

However, white shirts have fallen out of favour with me. I prefer knits as often I don't like the neckline underneath my jackets and blazers and I am wearing shirts underneath dresses far less than before.

New essentials to add to the list:

Black jacket (I have multiples of these in different fabrications, fits and length - definite workhorses)
Black pencil skirt
Ankle boots - black, white and grey
Black pumps

On reflection, I should have had black jacket, ankle boots and black pumps on my list last year. However, the black pencil skirt is a new item that took a while to find the "the one" and now is an essential.

Whilst I love colour, it is often grounded by essential black items and going a bit deeper into considering what my essentials are makes appreciate how hard these items have to work in my wardrobe even if they are not the hero pieces.