I wanted to see if our local Anthro had the dress from today's post - see find - and while I was at it, I bought a bunch of things to take home to try on.

1. the sweater/jacket : so cute, and the colour is rustier than the photo would lead you to believe.....which is what attracted me to it. I like it a lot, but have concerns about how much wear it will get - as in it's going to be very seasonal (spring and fall). I have to think carefully about what it will complete and where it will fit in my wardrobe. Current thoughts are with a striped t as in the photo. It's admittedly an extra, because of the seasonality , but the colour is so pretty and breath of fresh air into my dark neutrals. I have a M.

2. I didn't realize this dress was marketed as a tunic until I collected the find. It's most definitely dress length on me. It's interesting, but the colour did nothing for me once on. I think it needs someone with higher contrast colouring to give it a punch. I kind of disappeared in it. I bought an M and it fit well. Going back.

3. these pants are crazy great. The rise is VERY high, but the fabric is magical, with lots of stretch, and I find them very, very comfortable . Again, the colour is more muted and rustier than in the photo - I don't do red;) The length is bang-on, and they are really,surprisingly flattering. The young sales assistant I was chatting with encouraged me to try them, and once I heard her say that this is the only pants silhouette she is wearing these days - that kind of confirmed it for me. You know how you need to hear something 100 times before you believe it? I respected her style despite her youth, and decided to take them home . Nothing to lose. I'm in love, and can't wait to pair them with black, and maybe grey, and likely with a heeled boot. They are quite lightweight, which is the only *con* . Not a full-on winter pant, that's for sure.

4. a stunningly gorgeous dress, but it has to go back. The fabric is very lightweight, and there isn't really anywhere to hide in this dress, so you need to be comfortable with your body shape. It's also really long. I'm 5'5", and bought an L out of caution. It was too big on me up top- quite a bit - , and too long, but any smaller would have been too body-con around the hips and belly. Stunning though, and on the right person, it would be a knockout. The colours were so perfect for me, it really made me sad

5. lastly , I popped into BR for a layering tshirt I had been eyeing, and decided to try on these jeans. High rise, cropped, and definitely wide legged. I started with a 30 and ended up with a 28 (ah, vanity sizing ) , which fit me perfectly. I LOVE these jeans, and can't wait to wear them with sweaters, and a boot with a heel. Quite polished, which is what attracted me. I ditched the belt