I am little late to this and was not even sure that I should do it, but after reading yours it seems like a useful exercise.
2018 was not that good year for me. I suffered from lower back pain from April to November and it peaked during the summer. That had put me in a very bad frame of mind, I was frustrated, depressed and worried. For a month a could not even go to work and being the source of only income in the family, it really scared me. As a result I put on quite a bit of weight which resulted in even more frustration and depression. I also shopped a lot, probably too much, but for the first time in my life I shopped with plan and intention, so I do not feel so bad about it. Dividing my whole wardrobe into capsules was a best thing - I finally had a clear picture of my needs, I could see what is working and what I am missing and how it all fits together. I bought 96 items in categories that I am tracking wear, and 22 basics (undies, bras, pj, socks etc) that I am not tracking. It all can be divided in this 6 areas:

1.Creating summer casual capsule
For years I was struggling with summer dressing outside the office. I defaulted to a uniform of shorts and simle tees that worked only at home, or on the beach. Dressing for any other occasion was a nightmare. So I finally did something about it. Added 3 lightweight blouses, 5 summer dresses, a casual skirt, and 2 pairs of wide leg breezy pants. Also upgraded my t-shirt collection from boring essentials to something more interesting. So much better!

2.Adding light neutrals and color to my winter wardrobe
My winter wardrobe was always very dark and boring. I defaulted to a dark neutrals like black, navy and charcoal - that was easiest to find and did not require much effort to create outfits. It worked OK but by January I would start feeling bored and craving color. So I decided to add some winter weight items in my favorite bright colors. Soon I realized that combination of bright color and dark neutral looked too jarring for my taste and that I need to also add some light neutrals to make it work. First I thought that light grey is the answer, because of my gray hair, but somehow I did not feel it. There are so many shades of grey and they don't always look good together. So I finally settled on ivory, cream, off white - not sure what is the exact name of warmer white color. I added light neutrals and color in lot of categories - but mostly in accessories, handbags, tops and footwear. It was fun and I really enjoy my lighter winter wardrobe. 

3.Rebuilding essentials
That was something I did not really enjoyed doing - who likes to by basic black pants? - but I had to do it because of the weight gain. I added simple pants in dark neutrals, few pairs of jeans and some classic blazers. I did not want to spend a lot of money on it because I am still hoping that this is my temporary size, so I was searching the sales, or buying very low end - H&M and Zara to the rescue. I was more concentrated on good fit than quality. 

4. Eliminating heels
That was another consequence of my back pain. During acute pain I was barely able to move or bend, and I could only wear flat shoes. So I bought couple of flat or very low heel shoes for summer. But even when I got better, probably after wearing low heels for months, my winter shoes felt too high and all wrong - like I am wearing somebody else's shoes, so I had to buy low heeled winter shoes too - 12 pairs in total for the year

5. Refreshing sweater collection
I am a sweater girl and I wear one daily - winter, summer, work, casual - and I need big collection - different weights, colors and neutrals. Unfortunately sweaters are not category that last very long and needs constant refresh. Add to that few washing accidents and my sweater collection was suddenly depleted. I added 15 sweaters in 2018, and my winter collection is now in good shape. I still need to refresh my summer collection this year. 

6.Building complements
I finally understand power of complements. I am matchy-matchy at heart and I always feel off if my metals or accessories don't mach. So this year I created even 3 complements - yellow, red and blush. Now I have scarf- handbag-belt-shoes-hat complements in my favorite colors. Not every item in every color but close enough.  

If you got this far thank you for reading. Hope you are not outraged by my numbers. I am still pondering about 2019. One thing I am certain is that I need to bring my numbers way down. But I am more or less happy with the state of my wardrobe at the moment, so it should not be that hard.

Any feedback is much appreciated.