I wore my Mephisto Yael for a little bit and they were very comfortable. I was happy with them until I took them off and saw that they stained my thin cotton socks in black and the dye also went through the socks and onto my feet. It comes from the black detail on the toe cap and sides, the inside does not have a liner. They did not get wet and nothing happened that could explain the staining.
Has anyone else had the same experience?
Do you have any thoughts on how to stabilize the dye so it does not run?
It seems to me that the problem is the lack of a liner on the inside of the shoe.
Maybe I got a rogue and others don't have this problem?
I don't think shoes should stain your feet and much less a shoe that is supposed to be of high quality and definitely not cheap. I got them for a good price at NAS but they were still pricey.
What are your thoughts on this? Is there a way to stop the dye from running?
Thanks for reading. I hope someone has a good solution to this, otherwise I will probably return them.