I had some foot issues beginning of the year and started wearing orthotics recently which helped with the pain a lot. Not sure if I will be wearing sandals this summer. And office is too cold anyway for open toes shoes. Just ordered those instead. Hopefully one pair works.

Anchie, I like the shape of the yellow ones especially.

Suntiger, bummer. I'm not into clunky for clunkiness' sake. Good thing I'm not planning to buy much, shoes or anything. I'm fine with Tevas when they're called for, but anticipate this will turn out like fashion sneakers--all of the look, none of the functionality. Grump, grump, grump.

Ac doesn't bother my feet, and luckily its mostly women in my office and they don't want to freeze!
I don't see myself buying tevas or anything overly sporty either. Definitely want gold or copper, something comfy enough for many miles, but nice enough for RenFaire!

I still love fashion sneakers and like to add a bit of sportiness or edge to my summer outfits, while still being able to walk miles comfortably, so I'm embracing this particular trend. I'm also in the fortunate position of not having to make sandals work in a professional environment.

To be clear, I'm not into wearing Tevas, etc., with my everyday outfits although I happily wear them for hiking and camping. I prefer the *refined* sporty versions. I got these Gentle Souls sandals (Find below) two years ago in rose gold, and reached for them over and over. They're showing some wear, but are still good for at least this summer. I was so tempted to duplicate them in another color last year but they sold out. Now that they're available again, I ordered them in silver.

I received a few Fly London ones yesterday that I ordered from Zappos with mixed results. They seem comfortable, but I'm not 100% in love. Perhaps I'll do a post on them.

Those look comfy! The heavier soles or high (non nude) vamps I like more for pants outfits for me, so not too much potential wear. Wedges I like more for shorts than skirts.
Sneakers in summer is a firm no for me! I bring sandals in my gym bag and change immediately for even the drive home

It wasn’t hot enough most of last summer for me to wear sandals since I have Reynaud’s in my toes, so I really didn’t wear my Tevas below. But that doesn’t keep me from wanting the Pumas because, well, they’re black and white.

These are my latest crush — I ordered them to try. They’re kind of busy, but somehow they are working for me, at least in the photo. Snake print, metallic, and white sole. Could be a disaster, could be brilliant!

I saw lots of beautiful sandals at Nordstrom and Dillards in Jacksonville. Eileen Fisher's sports sandals were very popular in lots of colours. I loved the bronze for myself but I am not willing to risk trying them and then finding out they don't work for me. Paul Green had some beautiful mules. Not for me of course. Similar to the Cayene. Lots of Birks and wedges.

I like the wedges for weekend wear-but gone already!
Skipping any with a back-had a very bad blister experience with that sort

I love sandal season! My feet are only slightly narrow so lots of times I can size down for a good fit around. I got some fun ones last summer that I will enjoy wearing again but I always add some and the flatforms are calling my name. I'll have to try some on.

Robin, I'm finding definite problems with fit in the more substantial styles I'm looking at, even though my feet are only slightly narrow. In some cases, it's clear that sizing down will make the footbed ever so slightly too short for my visual comfort. Practicing PPP!

Janet, true that sizing down doesn’t always work. I don’t like it if it’s noticeably too short. And with the clunkier styles they have to fit well in the width or are likely to go flying off! Not a good look!

Here are some of the items I've acquired lately.

I had some $ to spend at Saks, and I rarely shop there. For someone reason I couldn't figure out what to buy. I came across these Sam Edelman leather slides with snakeskin, metallic, and brown leather (might as well mix them all into one!). But they work, and it's not too much of anything. They're pretty comfortable.

I've also ordered two more pairs of Sam Edelman's from Nordstrom Rack, they aren't here yet.

I'm picky about sandals.I need to be able to take them on and off without undoing straps or buckles, they can't irritate my feet, I don't like feeling that there are things in the footbed (ugh, Birkenstocks), so hoping that these all work.