I had a weak moment and ordered the WHBM floral blazer to try. Was not planning a " skirt suit" look but just wondering.
I was not motivated to take pics, but it looked totally weird on me. I cannot wear that pattern as a jacket. Sort of like random focal points. It ran true to size for me but was also not a good style, fitted a bit off. I thought I'd like the cotton fabric, good for much of year here, but it was too- rough ? - for what I like in jackets
I'm also rethinking the ponte black jacket-- I tend to grab because I like knit, like to have some length with pants, and it's plainer than usual WHBM ( meaning they often have a lot of metallic bits & snaps or braid and things), but I wore a light- colored jacket today and am reminded how much better a medium to light color is.

So, random largish patterns on jackets- no.