Angie's post on stocking up really resonated.
After wearing pleated pants in the 80's , there was a " drought " until a few years ago, when more styles became available. I've managed to have one or 2 updated pairs on the go since, though MOST of my pants are some kind of flat front.
I have been enjoying the wide leg one by CE below both for fit and the fabric quality.
I tried to " stock up" with the other ones, the Halogens, on purpose being tapered for a different vibe. I have had some similar from Anthroplogie that worked for me.
However, after dithering a bit and even ordering another size, I finally returned them. They were a big snug if I really were honest, but too big and poufy sized up, partly because the waist and pleats hit a bit wrong; the fabric is a thicker rayon blend which would have been ok if fit were spot on. But I could tell I'd always hesitate and maybe end up not wearing because the fit was off.
Point is, I was trying too hard to go, yay more pleats, more pinstripes, when they just were not " the ones". I was so close to cutting the tags but pulled back from the brink and listened to the little voice!
It helped to try on the others alongside them. I don't so much want more wide- legs; I want the same " feel" of how they fit me better, and the fabric is so lovely. Because I could tell finally that I'd rather wear the wide legs more often and not pile up other pants that were not as good , even pleats-- but if I find some that are " the ones" I know then I would wear with confidence.