I thought I'd share a couple of recent things I found and decided to order. I know there are a lot of KUT fans here and I like the one pair of KUT jeans I have (winter weight for TX). The utility shorts are a new to me brand Jag Jeans. I bought somee tan/taupe twill jeans from this brand recently and really like them so I'm hoping the shorts work well too.

Not too many other additions this summer as I'm pretty well sorted for the season. The jeans may have to wait until fall unless I travel to a cooler spot.

ETA: Just thought I'd share that the KUT jeans were too big so I'm trying a size smaller and in petite instead of regular as the length needs to be shorter for these to work for me. I read the reviews and they were mixed lealning to True to Size so I opted for my usual size but I should have sized down.

One more ETA: Those utility shorts are super heavy weight material (thought it was the jeans in my exchanged size in the package!) and not a good choice at all for my summer. I didn't even try them on. The leg openings looked much too large for me as well. Back they go!