I have been doing a little closet editing in between work and home projects, and put away most of my sandals for the season. I pulled out the tall boots (the only thing that gets packed away for the summer, as I'm slowly getting my shoe collection down to where it can nearly all be stored out, year-round, with only minimal reshuffling). I have five pairs of tall/knee-high boots, and they have been thoroughly ignored for the past couple of winters. They are not super trendy -- more classic, at least for me -- and they are all comfortable, so I'm not feeling like any of them need to go away.

This pair of OTK boots was an impulse buy years ago. The color is a little out of my usual palette, and they're suede, so not for bad weather, but they are super comfortable and fit well, and they are actually OVER the knee, not just halfway up my kneecap or just below it, like many supposed OTK boots are.

I pulled them out and thought, how the heck do I style these? They're just a bit snug on the calf to tuck jeans into them, and I'm not really into that look anyway. I don't do leggings either. So, I turned to my skirts to see how they might style with the boots for upcoming cooler weather. To my surprise, they go really well with nearly every season-spanning skirt I own! It just so happens there is enough of that slightly cool tan color in each of these prints that the boots work with them.

So I'll be setting a challenge for myself as the temps cool, to put together some casual outfits with these comfy boots and midi skirts, plus tees and denim jackets, in the weeks to come. I'm actually kind of excited about this, even though I've also been excited to wear jeans again. It's nice to have a little variety, and get more mileage out of my skirts, which are primarily worn in summer.

Do you have any closet treasures you've rediscovered lately?