You look beautiful in all of these, the pants are just amazing on you. I love how the tartan is symmetrical and sits so nicely. Sorry to hear you have a headache, I hope it lifts quickly.

Suz, you look so, so stylish. Those pants are perfect.

Oh everything looks so great. You know how to select things that suits you.
Just when I decided that J.Crew is not working for me, and now I am tempted again. We don’t have a J.Crew store here and ordering from US site is expensive and risky. There is currently good promotion going on, but returns are complicated and not free. Zalando here is selling small set of J.Crew items and I ordered recently few pants just to try to estimate sizing and fit to have more confidence ordering from US, but it didn’t help much, because nothing was good fit and I still don’t know which size I need.

Anchie, I hear you. We have the same issue of no free returns here from J. Crew also. I used to be able to return to a store -- in person -- but now because of Covid and no doubt their financial issues, they have closed all our stores. Temporarily, they say, but I wonder. Anyway, returns cost and delivery usually costs, too, but this time I got it free.

I think online ordering only works if you have tried on enough of a maker's clothing and/or reviews and measurements given are accurate enough. It can be so risky and fraught otherwise. Ideally, makers would give accurate measurements and people would measure themselves just to be sure.

Oh, that lace blouse is beyond gorgeous. I want go exactly nowhere.

I'm late to the party, but you are very well dressed for it! I really like all of these items -- to me the standout is the lace shirt. Wow!

Re: J Crew sizing, I do find them to run narrow through the shoulders and torso. I have relatively straight hips and a thick waist, and have been able to wear their pants in the past (I haven't really tried recently, because rises). I actually have a LOT of J Crew in my wardrobe, but it's all stuff that is designed to have a less tailored fit -- popover shirts, cardigans (which I wear open, so the narrow torso doesn't matter), a skirt with elastic at the back waist, a couple pullover sweaters with an oversized cut.

What a lovely cheerful practical set of pieces. Well relatively practical. These will all last too and be great to bring out for future winter events.

My favourite are the tartan pants. Perfect fit and pattern on you.

These are great pieces! I love the pants on you, really perfect. I also love that velvet shirt. Interesting about the fit, I have always found them to fit small but I can't remember if I have tried pants and now from your description they may be good for my body type. Good to know.

As to J Crew sizing, I don't have any problem with shoulders. Mind are slight, relatively, and I need to size up in fitted shirts anyway since I'm short-waisted and curvy. As mentioned above, it does tend to be narrow in the torso.

Most of my J Crew items are tops anyway. I have some pants, but those are very hit or miss on me, and a few jeans, skirts, sweaters and dresses. I have to rely on reviews etc to get it right.

These recent items have been winners.I do have some pants but from past season (not so focused on needing pants during the pandemic and in my current verge of moving situation--mostly wearing jeans and I have plenty).

Wow especially to those pants and lace blouse- but great scores all round! J Crew never worked for my shape but so good on you!

This post has been up for a few days. I just realized that it is phrased as a k/r question. Hard to believe, because these all seem to be your groove and to fit you just right. J Crew can be tricky for some, but when it’s right for you, it’s perfect. These all seem to fall on the good side of that line. It can be so hard to decide on HEWIs, at least for me. My mind keeps spinning and asking “is it really the one?” Going with a brand you know is a good way to resolve that.

My love goes first to the velvet shirt, plaid pants and red sweater-but all are winers, pls keep! And what a great cut you have, now I could catch a glimpse of your side view and see it's longer on the nape, I want that too-much more feminine!:-)

These just look SO Great on you, Suz. Especially those pants! I am so jealous. My butt would look like a huge round Christmas ornament in those lol!

I agree with your take on the velvet shirt - nice, but not particularly luxe looking to me, which I think is important in velvet. Sweater looks lovely.

Sweet sister! Those plaid pants are gorgeous! The velvet top and lace shirt are spectacular too. Keep it all!

Oh gosh, these items are so you! And you wear them to perfection. Velvet, lace, plaid - the texture and patterns are just divine!