I generally consider myself a careful shopper. I try not to order anything I don't think I'm likely to keep, and I usually resist the temptation to add things to my cart just to reach free shipping thresholds. That being said, I've racked up quite a few returns over the past few months, so I thought I'd log why I didn't keep the things I ended up sending back. Hopefully, it will help with future purchases!

  1. Quince silk button-down - This "stretch silk" is actually 90% silk/10% spandex, and I felt sweaty the minute I put it on, despite it being a mild day. Mostly, though, I returned it because the fit wasn't quite right--a slight gap at the bust and some weirdness in the back. Also, my husband's general reaction was, "Meh, you could do better," which, honestly, he doesn't often say.
  2. Garnet Hill striped linen tank - Another tight fit at the bust, combined with gaping armholes.
  3. Garnet Hill "kimono" wrap coat - Several issues, posted a thread about this one.
  4. Known Supply sweater - Unremarkable and unflattering cut.
  5. Sofft sandal - I ended up not liking the color, and wasn't thrilled with how these looked on my feet.

At this point, I've still bought nothing for fall, which may or may not be good, as my needs have changed somewhat. Nothing is urgent, except maybe in terms of fall lines staying in stock, as temps here are still mostly in the 70s.

What, if anything, have you returned in the past few months?