Although I have been mostly looking lately, gathering Finds, and building Collections, I recently pulled the trigger on a few things. I am pretty sure I am keeping them all but may need one more try on to make final decisions. Doing the wardrobe review and then hunting-and-gathering was really helpful, because when I shopped, I knew what to look for and what to walk past. It was nice to have some focus. I hope these reviews help someone. Let me know if you have any thoughts!

AG Jodi Crop in Laquer: I got these on Amazon for $50 using Amex rewards points and was really happy about that. I love the classic dark wash, and although I was afraid of the higher rise, the waist hits just below my belly button so it works for me. The length is (I think) a little longer than my other crops but I like that (not sure if Angie will), and the slit opening is fun and different. AGs fit me well. I'll post a pic of these soon.

JCrew striped sweater: similar to a Tippi but lighter weight and slighter shorter. The prettiest colors I have seen in a long time -- a really gorgeous print. Will be amazing under a black blazer. Have to make sure the length works with Teddi pants but pretty sure I am keeping this. Also, 25% off in store. (Not listed on the site as part of the sale, though, I don't think.)

JCrew grey cotton sweater with red piping and side slits: Really cozy and comfy, and I love the red accents and the snaps at the side openings. I've been becoming more sensitive to the itchiness factor, so i think it's down to cotton or cashmere for me. Ugh. This is cotton with some heft and personality. This feels like a great sweater to start wearing early, when the weather transitions. Full price, though, which I hate at JCrew which has so many sales -- but I did use a rewards card ($50) to help offset the cost.

JCrew bird tee shirt: I love birds, and I love interesting tee shirts. I buy them rarely but if one speaks to me, I will; and I am ruthless about moving them on to my pajama/lounging wardrobe when they look ratty. This tee is gorgeous quality cotton and the design has luscious colors and a beautiful painterly design. I will wear this now and then in the colder weather under a blazer. This was 25% off. Definitely keeping.