I'm currently doing well with most basics in my new light summer colors. My coat capsule is currently lacking and as you can see below, I am working on it. In addition to what you see, I am in search of a leather jacket - probably moto style in either a light blue, pinkish red, or light gray. I am also looking for a rain coat/trench coat with a truly warm zip out lining. One that can be used in freezing rain type of weather, which is what we have here fairly frequently. In addition to lot of cold and snow!!!!.

I am reposting this Jane Post rain coat. Firstly, it's a statement coat, and definitely not a basic coat. If I wanted basic, I would have gone to EMS, or purchased one from The North Face. In fact, I will probably get a basic rain trench from one of these more practical places and use the Jane Post for more limited use. I am also posting it because I love the shape and it served as inspiration for the purchase of the second coat in the pictures below. The Gallery Faux Fur Shawl Collar Coat. Obviously this isn't for everyday use! It's a special occasion coat to replace my Cole Hahn which I wear for plays, concerts, going out, etc.,when I am not wearing a long dress. Which reminds me that I will eventually need one for long dresses also!

Coat three, the Plenty by Tracy Reese looks like it could also be a Wild Card, however, I think I could wear this one to work if it isn't too cold out. I love to have an eye catching coat, and this one has potential. I looked at pictures of it on three websites, Nordstroms, Tracy Reese, and Amazon. The colors look slightly different on all three. I just ordered it so I am not sure exactly what I'm getting?! The pic 4 poncho is something I already own, and plan to keep as part of my coat capsule. I bought it last year at a local shop. My son fondly call's it the ugly blanket cape (UBC)! This is one of the best things for a cold conference room or office Pic 5 is something I decided against because it doesn't really fit my style but I thought the plaid was pretty and someone else might like it? I bet it would make a nice topper in a cold office. (I have the UBC for that!)

Next are two tops I bought that may be basic, but they both have some embellishment, which for me makes them statement pieces, Most of my tops,are solids with very little embellishment or pattern. The shapes may change, there may be darts, or different lengths, but not typically much else. On rare occasion I have a top with some embroidery, texture, eyelet, or some other design element, and those would be my statement pieces. (I'm typically a subtle, quiet statement maker when it comes to my tops! It's my shoes, my coats, scarves and jewelry that make the statements.) In this case, one shirt has ladder stitching, and the other has a snake print pattern.

Even my gear is getting a bit of an overhaul with what I consider to be some statement pieces. I recently purchased this Snowscape half zip from Athleta/Gap. It's definitely not my standard simple yoga pant or "breathe" top (my favorite from Athleta). I crossed a barrier and went for space dye and quilting! I have no idea what possessed me, but I can already say that I love it. I have been wearing it everywhere that I'm not wearing my everyday clothes. It's stretchy, warm, and soft and it's proving very practical. I wore it to an all day Pilates Instructor training course, I wore it one day when I stayed home from work with a migraine headache. I wear it when I am warming up for yoga or pilates. So far it's washing well. I think I may order a second. The last item is the Metro Slouch Pant from Athleta. I finally found a pair of loose baggy pants I like! Now I need to figure out what to wear with them!