It's here, it's here, it's here!!

And I need your help.

FWIW, I would not call this "winter coat weight." Not for my climate. I would call it heavy indoor or light outdoor weight melton wool. It is plush and dense and non-drapey.

It seems impractical -- although on reflection, maybe not. See below for options.

It is crazy expensive. Having said that, I did the calculations and it is actually less than the straight 35% extra to the US sale price. In other words, it's a relative bargain in Canada.

And I totally, totally, totally love it.

But, should I keep it?

These are less "stylings" than "throwing ons." It is, I kid you not, the stickiest day of the summer here, and also one of the few cloudy days, so the light is artificial and not its best.

#1 and #2 --- over denim shirt and jeans.

#3 -- over a sleeveless turtleneck.

#4 -- showing the space I have here. This is the 2. I am wondering if I should try the 0 after all? I suspect I am between sizes.

#5 -- trying a higher contrast top.

#6 -- trying a higher contrast bottom.

#7 -- greater love hath no woman -- trying it LAYERED with a top and cashmere sweater. See that sweat dripping from my brow?

#8 -- with the Minkoff bag. Great bag but I fear the scale is wrong for me -- more on that later.

#9 -- layered over a shirt, cashmere sweater and leather jacket. Yup, this thing can layer!!

#10 -- with a sheath dress to try that idea.

It is just below knee length on me, so midi. I don't know if it would need hemming. I would always wear a bit of a heel with it.


  • Does it look like it belongs with me?
  • Should I try the smaller size to compare?
  • If I keep, should I shorten?

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